Benny Afroe entered the music industry as a producer, but, before he knew it, he was a full blown musician. 

His sound, a blend of R&B, Pop, Trap Soul with a mix of Afro Fusion has been a hit with audiences and has gained him millions of fans.

Well known for his songs, “Hello Baby!” and his recent collaboration with Ami Fuku, titled “This Feeling”, this 26 year old is creating waves around the world, not only with his music, but his dress sense too. 

Afroe chatted to us about the music industry and how youngsters can succeed. 

How did you enter the music industry?

I started off as a music producer. I used to play instruments as a kid and that made it even more fun for me. I’ve always wanted to produce music. Later I started experimenting with my voice and before I knew it …I was a full blown musician.

What are some of the challenges facing youth in the music industry today?

We don’t always have the proper funding to take our creativity to the next level. So some of us end up being exploited by record labels and other corporate institutions.

How can youngsters succeed? 

They should never give away their power to create freely. They need to always fight for what they believe in. It’s also very important to keep working on their craft, it does wonders for your confidence. 

Piece of advice? 

You’re never good enough until you’re good enough.

Who inspires you?

I’ve got thousands of people I draw inspiration from . Kanye West and Sjava are definitely in my top 5 .

How do you stay grounded in this tough industry? 

There’s no way to avoid the pressure. I just keep working on my craft. Having a support system also helps one keep grounded.

Your biggest achievement?

Going on tour in Bangkok City will always be one my greatest achievements. I’ve always wanted to travel the world and share my gift with everyone out there. Another massive highlight in my career I was when I was one of the artists selected to perform at SXSW, an annual festival which takes place in Austin Texas, USA.  

What does Youth Month mean to you?  

For me, it’s about inspiring the youth. Reminding every young person out there that “IT IS POSSIBLE!” It’s also a time for us to celebrate what the youth has accomplished in the past years. It’s a month to celebrate us, young people.