By simply having access to a laptop or computer and an internet connection, you can get in touch with anyone. The internet has paved the way for a new communication system and has influenced the rise in freelancers.

The freelance industry has seen the largest increase as more companies are hiring independent contract workers instead of traditional employees to do the job. As more individuals commit to monetising their time, the freelance industry boasts exponential growth. This shift to a more independent career is becoming a primary choice for many.

Gone are the days where freelancers are viewed through the looking glass. Instead, they are being noticed as an accelerating and emerging job-related behaviour. This movement functions as a potential contributor to the transformation of the South African economy. The distinctly noticeable rise in the freelance trend is taking on the role of a catalyst for change while influencing Millennials to approach career opportunities with a modern way of thinking. Alternatively, older members of certain sectors have also turned to freelance – journalism is one of them – after being retrenched.

The United States of America is leading this change with 56.7 million freelancers, or approximately 34% of its workforce, already making up their gig economy, a 30% increase since 2016. In a recent report by the South African government, it was reported that the formal job sector saw a decrease in employment in the second quarter of 2019. Full-time employment reportedly dropped by 26 000 and part-time employment increased by 24 000.

At JOBVINE Freelance we acknowledge the need to accommodate the growing freelance market. We proudly host a platform where freelancers can be more recognised and boost their chances of employment. JOBVINE is a recruitment based website which aims to inspire freelancers to comfortably step into our online marketplace and gain online exposure through our AI platform. We understand that technological factors drive societal change and that equipping individuals with the necessary tools to transition pleasantly is imperative. This is not only beneficial to the freelancer but also cuts time and costs for corporates and potential employers.

The recruitment market is in high demand and in creating collaborative software that supports this notion efficiently helps generate employment opportunities. In doing this we are contributing to the rise of the local economy. Since inception in April 2019, JOBVINE has seen a growth of 50 000 freelancers who have registered a free profile on the platform and subsequently more than R9.5 million in freelance jobs have been offered.

The gig economy has always been around, however, it became even more popular when people gained access to the internet. Technological advances allowed for people to turn their side hustles into full-time business. Don’t get left behind! Be ahead of the curve to maximise earning potential. With the gig economy expanding, more companies are considering the freelance workforce in 2020.