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Funeral Services.

Live stream your funeral service.

What We Cover.

Memorial Live Streaming

Funeral Live Streaming

Graveside Live Streaming

In a Changing world we offer a way to say goodbye.

With social gatherings being reduced to fewer people and cross border travel halted saying goodbye to our loved ones have become more difficult if not impossible.

Our company provide streaming services to your family and friends who are not able to attend a funeral of a loved one. We live stream directly to Facebook Live, YouTube live or Zoom Live (For Private Streaming).

Our main service to our clients are to discreetly video the moments of the day without being obtrusive. We film the arrival of the funeral cortege, the full memorial service (with original audio) and the laying of flowers by family and friends where appropriate.
In addition to this, we can also live stream at the graveside, this is subject to the health of the internet bandwidth on that location.

Only live streaming can be great but there are inherent risks on the day. Elements like different time zones are something to take note of. We recommend you hire a video recording company to capture the whole funeral and you can always have a record that you can share at any time. Where as live streaming is a once off.

What It Costs.

Funeral Streaming Only


1 Hour 30 Minutes Broadcast

2 Camera Angles

*Transport Excluded

Memorial & Funeral Streaming


2 Hour Broadcast

2 Camera Angles

*Transport Excluded

Memorial, Funeral & Burial Streaming


2 Hours 30 Minutes Broadcast

2 Camera Angles

*Transport Excluded


5 + 10 =